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About Woollen Weaves From Himalayas

Uttarakhand, Himachal Pradesh, Nepal and Ladakh are some of the popular Himalayan regions known for their woollen weaves. Talking about the woollen weaves from those regions in India, there are two distinct styles that have been identified. One being the Kinnauri style of weaving which is believed to have been first introduced in the 1800s when weavers from Rupa Village in Kinnaur sought refuge in the Kullu Valley to escape from their local king.  The other style of weaving is known as Kulluvi weaving which initially was without any motifs and restricted to variations in twill weave, checks, and plaids. With the coming of the Kinnauri style, the Kulluvi style underwent an inspired transition that has now made it famous and is known for its bright colours and bold graphic styles.

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The process typically involves shearing the sheep, washing the collected wool, hand spinning the wool into yarns, dyeing the spun yarns with natural dyes and then woven and hand knotted into beautiful products. Himalayan wool, eri silk and pashmina from these Himalayan regions are used to make handmade shawls, throws, scarves and stoles .


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