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About Toda Embroidery

The Toda Community is a small pastoral community hailing from the Nilgiris in Tamil Nadu. The community is famous for its indigenous style of embroidery called as ‘poothkulzhy’ or ‘torhbohr.’ The primary material used is unbleached, white cotton woven fabric on which the embroidery is done primarily using red and black colours. It has a rich, embossed effect on the surface that is produced by doing the embroidery on the reverse and traditionally, it was believed that the designs are never repeated and are unique where Geometry came instinctively. The women embroider without tracing or referring to a pattern and merely owe the intricate and exquisite designs to practice and their imagination. Today, Toda embroidered fabric is not just used as a shawl but is also used to make a variety of products such as luggage tags, bags, keychains, Christmas decorations and more.



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