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About Smocking

Smocking is a form of embroidery that gathers fabric to give it an elastic characteristic. As a craft, smocking developed in England and was mostly worn by the labourers. Cotton and Silk are the favoured fabrics to do smocking on and any lightweight and stable material would work just fine for this form of embroidery. The process involves marking dots on the wrong side of the cloth and gathering the cloth using temporary running stitches. A final row of cable stitches holds together both the bottom and top areas. There are a number of stitches involved in hand smocking technique. Some of them include Cable Stitch, Stem Stitch, Outline Stitch, Trellis Stitch, Bullion Stitch, Vandyke Stitch and much more. Used commonly in cuffs, bodices and other parts of apparel before elastic, today smocking as an embroidery technique allows for whimsical and elegant clothing especially famous when it comes to children.

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