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About Phad Paintings

This art form plays a key role in one of India’s traditional oratory practices. The Phads, are long pieces of cloth or thick canvas (approx. 30 ft long and 5 ft wide) that depict narratives of two popular Rajasthani folk dieties- Pabuji and Devnarayan. The Bhopas, priest-bards native to Rajasthan travel with these ornately painted phads that convert into mobile temples of the folk deities. Traditionally, phads are painted with vegetable colours but one can also use stones and minerals to derive an array of colours. The colours are prepared by the women of the community while the men are responsible fore the preparation of the phad in itself to be painted on. The professional and traditional phad painters known as Chitera belong to the Joshi Community from the city of Shahpura in Rajasthan.

Copy of epic of pabu ji phad painting


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