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About Pattachitra

This art form derives its name from two Sanskrit words- ‘patta’ meaning cloth/ canvas and ‘chitra’ meaning picture. This painting tradition, native to Orissa is closely linked to Lord Jagannath and other religious themes-stories from Ramayana, Mahabharatha and Radha and Krishna. The paintings were originally made by men from the Chitrakar community of painters, but eventually women artists too have started getting involved. It is believed that Pattachitra’s roots lie in the paintings of the Jagannath Temple that were often given to pilgrims as souvenirs. The ‘pattas’ needed for taking is made ready through an arduous process that takes a minimum of 5 days to complete. The colours used in painting is made by grinding stones into a powder that is then mixed with glue in dry coconut shells. The paintings usually have a floral or geometric border and the artists are believed to begin and end their paintings with the colour white.



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