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About Papier Mache

Papier Mache, French for ‘chewed paper,’ has a craft form practised since time immemorial across the world. In ancient Egypt, a form of it was used to make coffins and death masks while in Persia, a form of Paper Mâché was used to make small and intricately painted boxes, trays and other objects. In India, when the craft form first made its entry, believed to have come to Kashmir first with the Persians, it was primarily used to make decorative objects. With time, as the craft began to evolve, so did the product range. Today a variety of products from vases to pen stands to innovative decorative pieces to jewellery are being made using this technique. With some newspaper and/or paper tissues and towels, Paper Mâché glue, paints and embellishments, Paper Mâché jewellery has become a stylish accessory many budding urban entrepreneurs are venturing into.



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