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About Orissa Ikat

Ikat from Orissa also goes by the name of Bandha. This type of yarn tie-resist dyed-textiles from Orissa are appreciated for their intricate patterns, geometric designs and the process of dyeing the warp and weft threads (very fine quality yarns) before weaving. Detailed designs are produced via an eight step process of tying and dyeing that requires a great amount of skill and time. Also, the motif created through this process is depicted in the same manner on both the front and back sides of the fabric. This is a crucial point to be able to identify the skill of the weaver. It is awe inspiring when you note that the craftsmen in this art form use their imagination and do not follow any predesigned pattern and in fact develops the pattern as he works on his piece. When an artisan resist-dyes both the warp and weft yarns prior to weaving, he creates what is known as Double Ikat and is considered to be extraordinarily difficult to make and also the most expensive. A typical Odishan Ikat saree takes about seven months to be created and has two craftsmen involved. Some of the popular motifs used in this art form include conch shell, fish, deer, stars and butterfly that carry their own mythological symbolism.

Orissa Ikat


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