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About Lambani / Lambadi / Sitlingi Embroidery

Lambanis also was known as Banjaras or Lambadis is a semi-nomadic tribe that reside mostly in Southern and Middle India. The Lambani women are known to wear colorfully embroidered dresses covered in mirrors, cowrie shells, woolen tassels, beads, cotton, and coins. These women practice a unique embroidery craft that is used in making traditional garments. This form of embroidery is commonly known as Lambadi/ Lambani embroidery or Sitilingi embroidery.

It is known for its vibrant colors and the use of various embellishments and uses primarily geometric designs. The base colour of the fabric used blue or brown to offset the colors of the embroidery done on it. This style of embroidery incorporates 14 different kinds of stitches that provide variations in textures and help create various bohemian styles. These embroidered pieces of fabric were initially used to stitch garments but now the products have diversified to bags, mobile pouches, stoles, cushion covers, jewellery and much more.


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