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About Kanchi Cotton

The history and origins of Kanchi Cotton is quite fascinating indeed. It is believed that Kanchi cotton weavers are the descendants of Sage Markanda who is known to have woven various fabrics for Gods. It is also believed that Lord Siva’s preferred fabric was cotton and that the Kanchi weavers are the direct descendants of those who used to weave this fiber using lotuses. Temples there is a major influence to the weavers and very often impressions and motifs of these temples find their way into the textiles and sarees produced in Kanchipuram. Kanchi cotton is a beautifully hand spun cotton that can be worn for daily wear or if made right, for occasions such as festivals and weddings too. The Kanchi cotton is also garnering a lot of global attention and interest and in modern day and age is slowly moving towards dress materials, thereby broadening its appeal.

Kanchi Cotton


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