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About Handwoven Woolen Silk And Natural Dyeing

Hand spinning and Handloom weaving are two ancient techniques in the creation of fabric. Hand spinning is the art of making yarn by drawing out plant or animal or even synthetic fibres and twisting them together to create the final product. The yarns of threads are then interlaced a certain way to create fabric or cloth. The introduction of frame looms for weaving high quality textiles has enabled the production of wider fabrics. Local carpenters can be trained to manufacture the looms with locally available materials, so looms are made more accessible.

Copy of Silk wool and pure silk stoles

Natural plant based water colours and crayons for drawing and painting have also been developed using pigment extraction techniques. A significant outcome of this endeavour, has been the conservation and cultivation of dye yielding plants and trees by the farmers of the respective regions. This technique has also helped get rid of an invasive species of plants called Eupatorium by using its pigment for preparing textile dyes. Moreover, all these technologies have been integrated to create products, services and a zero foot print lifestyle.


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