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About Handmade Paper

In comparison to days gone by when paper was handmade, created one sheet at a time by specialised labourers being a common phenomenon, today handmade paper is considered to be a craft with an artistic appeal to it. The first known paper is believed to have been made of mulberry, hemp waste, old rags and fishnets. The first part of the process in making handmade paper is to separate useful fibres from raw materials used such as wood and cotton. These fibres are then beaten to a pulp. Using chemicals, the next step to alter the chemical, mechanical, biological and even the colour of the paper as desired. This solution is then screened to meet requirements and then it is pressed and dried to get the final paper. Today handmade paper is available in various textures and colours making it a favourite with artists across who use it create an unbelievable array of products. 



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