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About Handmade Handbags

Probably a rarely known interesting tidbit, the existence of handbags have garnered mentions in several ancient Indian scriptures, known by the Sanskrit term ‘Syutamh.’ India has a variety of handmade handbags, each having its own significance. Jhola Bags for instance, were made of Khadi as a symbol of patriotism during the British Colonisation era. We also have a  Gaumukhi bag also known as the Prayer or Japa Bead Bag. Handbags are not just great for utilitarian purposes but also make stylish fashion accessories. A variety of fabrics can be used to make handbags at home such as cotton, linen, silk, rayon, polyester and blends and others. A basic knowledge of sewing is needed to make the handbags, and variations are made possible via the fabric used, handles, shapes, closures and embellishments.




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