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About Gond Painting

Gond Painting is named after the tribe Gondi, that is known to practise this form of painting native to Madhya Pradesh and its surrounding states. Gond is derived from the word Kond, which means the green mountains. The people of the tribe are called Gonds who traditionally painted on the mud walls of their houses. In modern day and age, skilled Gond artists who professionally served as bards started transforming their ritual performing arts into a narrative visual art using newer materials such as acrylic paintings on canvas, ink drawings on paper and much more. The painting typically depicted natural and mythological worlds that were rich in detail and colour and most often than not include psychedelic images of tigers, deer, snakes, contorted trees and other elements from nature. Gond paintings have also been observed to bear a close likeness to aboriginal art from Australia because both styles use dots to create the painting.




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