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About Glassware

Glass making in India as a craft tradition is very old. One can even find its reference in Mahabharata. It is believed that the Mughal Emperors provided to the craft of glass making and are even credited with introducing the art of glass engraving in India. Glass Bangles in India have been an integral part of the Indian culture for ages and in Firozabad, a small industrial town near Delhi, making glass bangles is a household business. Today, a variety of products including bottles, beads, home decor products, chandeliers, glass sculptures and much more. Glass blowing as a process mainly comprises of heating, reheating, blowing and shaping the glass to desired objects. To add colour to the products, sticks of concentrated colour are used and the shaping happens with wet newspaper. The final product is then kept in an annealing oven that cools the glass products completely. With very few glass blowers left in India, this dying craft is now incorporating contemporary principles to stay alive and cater to today’s audiences.



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