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About Cross Stitch And Tatting

While cross stitch is considered to be the oldest form of thread embroidery, it is believed that tatting came into being when it was used as a romantic token by sailors and fishermen who would put motifs together for their girlfriends and wives. Tatting is a technique used to handcraft lace using knots and loops. This lace is often used as lace edging as well as to make decorative items and jewelry. Cross Stitch is a form of sewing and a popular form of counted-thread embroidery that results in ‘x’ shaped stitches to create patterns. Depending on the material used, one has three styles of tatting- Shuttle Tatting which involves the use of a tool called Tatting Shuttle. The second is Needle Tatting which involves the use of a Tatting Needle and finally Cro-Tatting that involves needle tatting with crochet. Cross stitch too has a variety of styles including Italian cross stitch, Celtic and Ukranian and Irish Cross Stitch, long armed cross stitch and much. Some styles of cross stitch are even reversible thereby allowing for a diverse range of products to be made.

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