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About Container Gardening

One of the most popular forms of Gardening Crafts is that of Container Gardening, also known as Pot Gardening. The concept of Container Gardening came about due to the rapid industrial and urban development in cities and people wanting to mimic nature close to their homes. It is believed that the idea to grow plants in a container spread to China around 200 A.D. with the advent of bonsais. In

In gardening jargon, a container is a term that can take the form of a pot or a tub or a barrel or a tin or or teacups even a hanging basket. One can even grow edible plants in these containers or plants to purify one’s living room or to add a natural fragrance to living spaces. With a  basic knowledge about soil, water and sunlight needed for specific plants, Container Gardening is a craft form that can be explored and enjoyed by many.




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