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About Vishnu Kumar Patwa

The  Patwa community has been making traditional accessories with thick weaves of thread for many generations. The word patwa has been derived from the Hindi word pat meaning, silk and the persons who are engaged in the silk and cotton thread business are called Patwa.

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It is said that Sharimal Kshatra in Maharastra was the land of their origin and they settled in Rajasthan and later on in Gujarat. Vishnu and his family live Kala Dera, Rajasthan.

Vishnu Kumar’s family was involved in this art for generations but had to give it up due to a severe financial crunch.  But as a young lad, Vishnu had loved this craft that he learnt form his father and was determined to revive it. 5 years and intense determination later, Vishnu ‘s range of Patwa Jewelry stands apart and is loved by today’s modern woman.


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