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About Vijay Soni

“Sanjhi”  is an art of cutting paper on non metallic surfaces with the help of plied scissors and sharp blades.  While this craft flourished since its origin in the lands associated with Krishna, in Mathura and Vrindavan, Uttar Pradesh, today only one family claims to be carrying it forward through its fifth generation of artists.


What makes Sanjhi unique is the traditional technique to make them without any tracing or drawings.  For the artisans to produce the work in short time frames, it requires years of diligence and rigorous training in addition to lots of patience and concentration.

To keep up with the times, latticework patterns of Mughal origin and contemporary themes have been introduced to widen the repertoire, in addition to the age old Krishna motifs.

Today, this art adorns home, forms the basis of wooden inlay work and wooden screens in hotels.

Artist Vijay Soni belongs to the Soni family and has been trained by his father and elder brother Ram Soni, a National Award Winner.


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