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About Vaidik Foods 

Vaidik foods is an initiative by a home maker Ms ValliMalladi. As orthodox families did, she was married at an early age of 13. Even through her education, she spent her many a day, assisting her mother and learning the culinary art and processes of pickles which are ethnic to Andhra.


Andhra Pradesh is home to exotic and spicy pickles of many sour vegetables and fruits – Mangoes, Tamarind, Amla, Cucumber and a green leaf called Gongura. Chilies being an indigenous crop of Guntur district, are used in abundance to make hot and spicy pickles that can tantalize your taste buds. The pickles are made using sesame oil which gives a distinguished flavor to them.

MsValli has initiated this to participate and to be part of women empowerment. Her skills and expertise in making these pickles prompted her to extend it to creating Vaidik foods. The production process itself is ethnic and practiced in the families since generations. She is truly trying to bring indigenous products from ‘mother’s kitchen’ to your table to revive the joy and satisfaction from yesteryear.

 No preservatives or artificial colors used.”


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