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About The Project
The Recycled Denim Project – Combining Recycling for Livelihoods – A Hundred Hands project.

Nimhans approached A Hundred Hands with the task of helping their psychiatric patients earn while undergoing treatment. This gave rise to the “Recycled Denim ” project which involved the patients using their tailoring skills to make apparel and accessories by reusing discarded clothes and material.

Our task was to design apparel which was simple to make and trendy at the same time. The result was The Bum Bag, a bag made from old or thrown away jeans.

The upper part of the jeans (the seat of the pants) is used to make the bulk of the product and the remainder used for the straps and bottom of the bag.(shown below)The rest of the jeans (legs) were used to develop a whole host of fun products.


The Program
The program includes giving the patients a simple pattern to follow to make the bags. A Hundred Hands then sells them and the money goes to the patients.

Hence, the patients have a steady income even after they complete their treatment. A Hundred Hands is committed to selling every single one of the bags.

Today, in addition to working with Nimhans, A Hundred Hands have been able to expand this project to other groups like women’s self-help groups and other NGO’s.

The Denim Project Indian Express 04 01 2017

The Challenge

To make sure the products are supported by the Urban Consumer, the designs needed to be trendy and useful. The fact that they are helping both underprivileged groups and recycling simultaneously needed to come as a pleasant surprise.

Today the product range has grown from just Bum Bags to include, Desk Tidier, Ipad Covers, Clutch Purses, Coin Purses, and Jhola Bags.
With all the leftover pieces, the Lambadi tribal groups are developing a range of traditional patchwork which can be converted into Table Runners and Cushion Covers.The challenge having a steady supply to ensuring that the market is always stocked to keep the pipeline flowing.

The Project today has included various other groups as well which ensure that every last bit of Denim is used.
The Kutti Bum project is to encourage children to donate their old clothes. You can give in a pair of your kid’s old jeans and we will convert it into a keepsake for him/ her.

The Transformation

Today we are proud to say that the first patient from Nimhans who has completed the program has finished her treatment and training and is now housed as A Hundred Hands Supporter in Nimhans using a donated sewing machine and is earning a steady income.

A steady source of old jeans Community Collection Centers:

Many people have come forward to collect denim in their building for us. Support has been quite overwhelming.

A few companies like The Serai and Lee Jeans has supported this project by helping the products to reach their audiences and Denim Exchange programs respectively.



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