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The Blanket of Love programme

Started as a program to encourage knitters and crocheters to contribute their skills towards a cause, the Blanket of love is filled with warmth and love.

Run completely by volunteers (of A Hundred Hands Hobby Group) who donate their handmade blankets, 100% money collected from the sales of these blankets go towards educating a girl child.

You can contribute in many ways by making blankets, donating wool, volunteering to help with sales, publicity, logistics or just funding.

You can contact us through A Hundred Hands or

  • Donate your skills: Knit/ Crochet a baby blanket and donate it to A Hundred Hands. This blanket will be sold and the proceeds will go towards educating a girl child. Alternatively, your blanket could also be donated to a new born baby girl whose parents may not be able to afford a warm covering.
  • Donate your time: Devote a little time to spread the word among your friends and contacts. Or volunteer at the Blanket of Love outreach programmes.
  • Funds: Donate wool or money or transport towards this project.
  • Gift a Baby Blanket and keep a little baby girl warm: When you opt to buy a Blanket of Love for a new born baby, your gift also helps another baby. If you want a catalogue to choose from, call us on
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