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Support Us

Help us  bring handmade and traditional arts and crafts to the door step of your company.

You can support us in many ways:

  1. Connect us to the HR/ Corporate Management team of your company. We can build a specialised programme tailor made for your company ranging from team building to corporate value cascading programmes
  2. Connect us to the CSR folks in your office. There are many livelihood / Preservation of our dying arts and cultural heritage related projects that your company could help fund via CSR.
  3. You can spearhead a Denim Collection drive in your company to help support The Denim Project. 
  4. You can fund an artisan and help us create opportunities for him to create and sell better.
  5. You can volunteer with us across a wide range of projects from graphic design to product design to technology to marketing to volunteering at  The Handmade Collectives.
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