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About Srishti Trust

Srishti is a unique tribute to children and young adults who are differently abled but have the determination to win. Srishti’s projects include Athulya, Aranya, High Range Strawberry Preserve unit, Confectionery unit and DARE school.

The idea of “Wealth from Waste” gave rise to the handmade paper unit ‘Athulya’ at Srishti.  The paper is made with  natural additives such as Marigold petals, Eucalyptus leaves, Coconut husk, Elephant poop etc. Athulya today, makes many eco-friendly, azo- free, biodegradable innovative products are routinely produced from the basic handmade papers.


Aranya Natural was started to introduce a fresh dimension in the lives of the disabled and also with an objective of reviving the ancient art of natural dye, which is non-toxic, eco-friendly and azo- free. Aranya has a wide range of products under its belt such as Stoles, Sarees, Cushion Covers and much more.

The High Range Strawberry Preserve Unit was founded in 1993 to impart vocational training to the challenged young adults in making of 100% natural fruit preserves.

Finally, the Deli Confectionery Unit was set up to train specially abled persons in the vocation of making confectionery products and fast food. Some of their products include Cakes, Breads, Cookies, Pastries and others.

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