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ABout E. Srinivas

E.Srinivas learnt weaving from his father who turned from farming to weaving after the  great famine in the 60’s.
Starting by weaving simple mats, Srinivas has taken this art to another level altogether. In the past 16 years, he has been able to constantly innovate, setting him apart from many of the local weavers.

Srinivas 2

Quick to  understand the importance of design for  modern  sensibilities, he has been able to bring a breath of fresh air into this craft, appreciated by  people from across the world.

By  using  the famous Kalamkari- the local art of the region, Srinivas has kept his craft rooted in tradition as well. His innovation  includes using local  Warrangal Architecture as his inspiration and a foray into natural colors, using marigold, local herbs and leaves.


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