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About She Who Knits- Madhu Mehra

MadhuMehra, with her label “She Who Knits”, is like a benevolent aunt who bestows you with woollies and a cozy sense of contentment.


Her handknits, made on order, are stylish accessories that make you long for cooler weather: Mary Jane-inspired booties, chic neck warmers with buttons, and fitted caps that instantly confer upon the wearer a gamine, French look. Some of the pieces she creates can easily be worn throughout the year as well – hairbands with pompoms, knitted wrist cuffs, and variations on the flower clips that every teenage girl now sports.

“Once I start knitting I get ideas on how to improvise,” she says adding that her daughter, Smriti, also helps her decide what’s trendy.

One of the crowd favourites is a light, multi-purpose shawl that’s part cropped poncho, part shrug – perfect for the chilly confines of an air-conditioned office or movie theater.

Mehra makes beanies and mufflers for men and adorable little frog booties for babies, complete with beady eyes.


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