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About Ramji Maheshwari

Belonging  to a traditional weaver family of Kutch, Ramji learnt the fine art of weaving from his grandfather and father. By the time, he finished his 12th standard his weaving skills were honed and he could set up on his own.

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A  turning point in his  life, was when he  settled in a village near  Bhuj and came in contact with people from all walks of life including tourists  who also had good  knowledge and understanding this craft.  He was able to  understand his  strengths and weaknesses and concentrate on his area of improvement.

Ramji realized that knowledge of design was critical and studied the  principles of design such as movement, balance, patterns, emphasis, rhythm etc. He  learnt to observe nature and study it with a difference,  closely studying  the design principles prevalent in nature and heritage.

Learning to convert the organic forms in nature to geometric forms was a crucial difference in his approach.

Today, Ramji’s signature work has been appreciated by design gurus all over the world.


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