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About Rajendra Sonkaria

Leather Mojadia is a craft that is native to Rajasthan. Kajod Mal from Udaipuria, Rajasthan and his son Rajendra Sonkaria are master mojari (footwear) craftsmen keeping this 500 year old art alive. With a group of karigars (artisans), they make and sell mojaris through their enterprise, ‘ Village Leather Craft.’ The mojaris are handcrafted and designed from scratch by these artisans.

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The team of artisans locally procure Goat and Camel leather which is then cured by them. Although they buy dyes for the mojaris from the market, the base colours are mixed to create unique shades.Traditionally, mojaris would only consist of two colours but with the times changing, today they make mojaris that are multi coloured. They have also started using hand block printed fabric on the mojaris, moving away from the traditional ‘leather only’ ones. It is believed that these mojaris when being made are measured by hands.


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