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About Praachi

Varsha Rani’s Praachi, is an   organization that has been doing pioneering work in Ahimsa silk. It is based in the internationally famous Tassar Silk city of Bhagalpur in Bihar, which produces Eco- Friendly Peace or Ahimsa Silk goods.

Praachi range is wide in this field- from  working with weavers to developing new ranges, techniques including natural dyeing and also educating the public about Ahimsa/Peace silk. Ahimsa Silk is the outcome of a struggle to create a line of fabrics without killing or cruelty. It is extracted after the silkworm having completed its life cycle, emerges from the cocoon metamorphosing into an adult moth.


Coarser and less glossy than the normal silk Ahimsa fabrics are a class apart because of their rich look. Though they may not replace the regular silk yet, people who are environmentally conscious and compassionate towards animals prefer to use these non-violent fabrics also called Peace silks.

The production of Praachi Peace Silk ensures a livelihood to marginalized tribal communities, unemployed youth and rural poor, especially women. Utilizing the natural resources, which would be wasted otherwise, the unique Praachi Peace Silks, enable the ardent Silk lovers to buy a fabric, which sustains the environment by respecting the right to life of all living beings.


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