Our work appeals to individuals from many different fields who share our values and our vision.
A Hundred Hands is the culmination of the collective vision of a group of people who believe in the significance of working with the hands at the individual and collective levels. Some of us are actively involved with groups that earn their livelihood from handmade products. Some make homemade items on a small scale themselves. All of us believe that working with our hands enriches us as human beings and that those who do must be adequately compensated with recognition and better economic benefits. While initiatives that offer greater incentives to craftspeople do exist, much more remains to be done. At A Hundred Hands we seek to combine our skills and work in partnership with artists and craftspeople to bring the change we would like to see.

Mala Dhawan

Sonia Dhawan
For a few years now, Sonia and Mala Dhawan who live off MG Road have been throwing open their garden to showcase the works of various artisans of handcrafted products. Whether it was the women farmers of Sirsi, Hase Chitra artists from Sagar or groups from Kumaon to Kundapur, their home has slowly become a hub for small artists showcasing their work. Encouraged by this experience, the two sisters decided to formalise the initiative through A Hundred Hands, a not for profit trust whose primary focus is to provide a platform for artists involved in the creation of contemporary, handcrafted alternatives for our daily lives. It is a mission to help these artisans earn a fair and sustainable livelihood from their work.
Bindia Thapar
Bindia Thapar is an architect by training and an illustrator by choice. She loves to work with her hands, whether its drawing and painting or embroidering or cooking. Her association with A Hundred Hands started from her need to stretch her creative boundaries, and be part of an initiative where every aspect of doing things with her hands could find expression. If it wasn’t for her creating the logo and pinning down specifics, A Hundred Hands would have remained just another idea in the minds and hearts of two dreamers!
Advisory Board
Prem Subramaniam
Prem has spent many years in the corporate world spanning from Engineering to Tourism and CSR, but the one common thread in his career, is his incomparable ability to bring a creative perspective to every field he is involved in. A man of many interests, one of his biggest passions is photography. His own words capture his relationship with the camera
"Photography has helped me get up before the break of dawn and discover new vistas, connect with people and enjoy experiences over accumulating assets. It has helped in seeking elegance in simplicity, admire a sense of understatement and create an alternate visual world. In many ways A Hundred Hands echoes these sentiments with no fuss, floss or gloss.”
Melissa Arulappan
“Melissa’s exposure to the beauty and wonder of handcrafted products began early. In remote little towns and villages where her father’s career in ITC took the family and where even basic food and home supplies were limited, she watched as her mother worked magic with her hands. From simple bakes to more exotic fare like cream and savoury-filled Profiteroles, Baked Alaskas and Prawn Cocktails; from knitted sweaters with nursery rhyme design overlays (mine was a Mary, Mary Quite Contrary) to beautiful knife paintings, appliquéd hand towels and embroidered dresses, her mother excelled at various crafts. And Melissa’s love for handmade products grew...and endured.
Although now a full time public relations consultant, Melissa squeezes in time to dabble in all kinds – cooking and baking, bib necklaces, collages, cards – and watches with delight as her daughters now work magic with their hands. With her ten year old, she has just launched Flour Garden - classes to introduce little children to the joys of baking and can be contacted at melissa@airtelmail.in.”
Pankaj Wadhwa
A highly successful entrepreneur known for his highly focused approach, Pankaj, moved away from the corporate world into the world of social development. Having set up Himjoli, which a single minded mission to curb rural migration to the cities, Pankaj believes strongly in support through “Trade not Aid” approach. His marketing approach to the producer groups has help develop products, link in with markets and bring a whole new perspective to livelihoods to thousands of villages in Uttarkhand.
Rachna Dhir
Born and brought up in Delhi, Rachna has now been living in Bangalore for the past 10 years, with her husband and two pre teen children. She calls herself a community volunteer and enjoys helping her entrepreneurial friends with their initiatives, organizing school visits for children’s authors and “a million other exciting ventures”. Her personal interests are extremely varied from (ngos, education and learning, children’s books and activities, environmental issues and travel) and she loves the title recently bestowed by a friend “Book Evangelist”!
As a concerned mother of two, Rachna deeply believes in the need for Gen Next to work with their hands. for her vision of A Hundred Hands, toches a deep chord.Her young daughter delights the family with conjuring up quirky handmade fun stuff
Ajay Bhasker
After many years in advertising and media in India and overseas, Ajay took the leap into photography a few years back. He enjoys all aspects of the medium, but tends to focus his commercial work on portraiture, architectural, product and stock. He is based out of Bangalore, India though travels wherever there's an interesting shoot.
He can be contacted at www.ajaybhaskar.com
Shaila Faleiro Makker
Prahlad Nanjapa and Karan Doshi , Fryed
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