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About Pehchan Group with Manas Ghorai

The Pehchan Group, a rural self help community of weavers in West Bengal spearheaded by Manas Ghorai has been instrumental in the revival of Khadi and  traditional sari designs such as Pachapar, Hatpatia, Temple Border etc.


Their foray into natural dyed Khadi with traditional Gamcha patches has been innovative and appreciated across the country.

The transition of the work of a rural community has resulted in very contemporary offerings for today’s modern consumer. This has helped both the men and women of “Pehchan” earn a regular income- of which they are in control, rather than depend on the vagaries of the middle man.

Today they are empowered to opt for better health care and education for their children. But the greatest reward has been the self confidence they have earned as weavers. That pride has been unquantifiable.

Today, they have the luxury to dream that handloom weaving can once again become a preferred profession for the next generation.


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