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Membership Details

A Hundred Hands  Artisan Membership programme has been set up to support  those who depend on handmade as the primary source of  income. Being a member of A Hundred Hands is like being part of a Guild or Collective of Handmade Artists.

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The membership program works at various levels which help small craftspersons  ( or groups)  earn better, develop their work and most importantly build their own individual brands. This programme has been specially designed to combat the world of the “unknown craftsperson” and the middleman.

This membership program is open only to those artisans / groups/ collectives/ NGOs who directly practice a craft directly themselves.


We do have limited slots of some designers who are 100% involved in creating and promoting a particular cluster/ craft.

There is a limit to the number of members we take on per year.

In addition, for those members who have reached a certain scale, we have an Alumni Membership, which keeps the network and interaction flourishing.

It is our endeavour that no two identical crafts overlap.

The Membership process is very stringent to ensure genuine crafters of high-quality, actually  benefit.


A. Selling Opportunities

  • The Handmade Collective: Bangalore, Mumbai and Kochi ( most years): Winter
  • The Monsoon Collective: Outreach Bangalore.
  • Selling at Corporate events and programs
  • Member’s solo exhibitions in AHH space in Bangalore
  • Subsidized Space for Members to conduct workshop
  • AHH, Support’s for Media releases and mail outs to AHH Databases and help with publicity and infrastructure.
  • Corporate Gifting for Company Specific Programmes and Festivals: Handled by AHH for only members. This includes the development of arranging of Corporate Gifts for its members.
  • Linking to Retail partners: AHH is in the process of building a network of Retail Partners where members’ products can be stocked and sold.

B. Craft Space For Talks / Demos.Bangalore.

C. Brand Building

  • It is AHH’s priority to make sure that each Member builds his/ her own brand of fine handmade products.
  • AHH offers support to help each member become self-sufficient and understand the value of building a brand.

D. Belonging To A Community

  •  Being small crafters often means working from home or alone.
  • The livelihood projects are often based on the city and links with buyers or opportunities are limited.
  •  To create a sense of belonging and provide a backbone of support (often moral support!).
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