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About Mug aur Mooch

Mug aur Mooch are the makers of creatively refreshing handmade products that bring a new perspective to rich traditional handicrafts.


The Mooch represents royal pride that they have in their crafts and the Mug represents reinvigorating freshness of inspiring design. Their products are fun and quirky. They use intricate geometrical patterns and elements of logical design to create symmetrical motifs making the products aesthetic and beautiful.

They also use bold colours but still hold a rustic charm. Each of their products come with a story that engages the user in a unique way.

The Team: Anushri is actually a corporate lawyer turned designer. She did her post graduation from Indian Institute of Crafts and Design (IICD). She loved making handmade stuff since she was 6. She has explored various craft techniques with different medium. She is obsessed about every tiny detail that one would not even notice. Akshay is an IITian. He is a storyteller who has funny stories to tell about everything in life. He spins a character into the most inanimate of things.


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