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About Mohammad Tahir

When it comes to Mughal wooden blocks meant for printing, Mohammad Tahir is a master craftsman who can bring to life any design or pattern of his choice. Mughal Blocks for printing are carved and constructed by expert block makers. Block makers from regions, particularly Farrukhabad have taken over much of the block making trade.


Most blocks for printing on fabric are constructed from hard, broad grained wood. Traditionally, Gurjan and Roheda wood were used to carve blocks. Roheda wood is specially suited for printing because it is light weighted and unaffected by moisture.

Today most of the blocks are carved out of teak which is available in plenty and is not only hard and broad grained but relatively light as well. The pattern is carved such that the area to be printed is left in relief while the rest is cut away approximately half cm. to one cm. away from the patterned surface.

Sometimes, when finely defined patterns are to be printed, the raised pattern is constructed by using metal strips and nails embedded into the wood of the block. In a multi-colored pattern, each is printed using a separate block.


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