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The ME to WE Project

A Creative Journey Through Collaboration: The Launch The ME TO WE Collaborative Initiative

The Focus: Communicate. Create. Celebrate. Collaboration between member artisans redefines the creative process. 

Taking the skill and art of craftsmanship to a whole new level, A Hundred Hands has launched the  ME TO WE project , a unique collaborative initiative at its annual Handmade Collective to be held in Bangalore at the end of November. 

The ME TO WE  project encourages member artisans of A Hundred Hands to interact with each other, learn from the others craft and collaborative and innovate to create a new product that is an amalgamation of two crafts. 50 member artisans will showcase the confluence of this collaboration at The Handmade Collective.


The Project uniqueness is its collaborative nature and the willingness of crafts persons to share their craft, learning and skills honed over generations with each other. We created a platform for our members to brainstorm with one another to understand how to blend two different materials and processes to create a new handmade product. The result is a range of products that are distinctive and bring out the uniqueness of each craft but in a collaborative manner,” says Mala Dhawan, co-founder of A Hundred Hands which is a not for profit organization whose focus is to promote handmade arts and crafts and help artisans earn a sustainable livelihood from their craft.

“Collaboration is a brilliant idea. This involves lot of thinking and brainstorming on how to combine different materials, the process involved and the outcome. Production on both the sides has been difficult but it is interesting,” said Vanmala of the Kuprkabi Foundation which teaches Pottery and Ceramic to unemployed youth. “It is a learning process for both. We learn the nuances, working style, materials, and the craft by itself. Unless you fuse and combine, the craft won’t move forwards. Fusion has become the talk of the day and is in tune with the world.”

TOI 18th Nov 2016 ME to WE Project

The value that the ME TO WE project offers crafts persons is:

Crafts persons evolve from working alone and often being isolated to interacting with fellow
crafts persons Innovating together. This is specially relevant for traditional crafts persons who, while being excellent at their work, may not necessarily have the insights of what interests a modern, more contemporary audience. The beauty of the project is to not lose the ethos of the craft but to help evolve it, while making it relevant to varied audiences.

Encouraging crafts persons to think beyond their respective art and design.

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