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About Jugniz- By Anu Kataria

Jugniz is the brainchild of Anu, an affectionate mom who is passionate about free-hand paint on fabrics. She had been hand-painting apparels (Sarees, Kurtas, Stoles, T-shirts, Dupattas) informally for more than a decade when she decided to make it a formal business, and hence Jugniz was formed.


It is named after a fictional female character who hails from Punjab and keeps roaming the world as a free soul. To remain true to the name of Jugni, the free-hand paint designs of Jugniz are inspired from flora and fauna and traditions from all across the globe.

Recently she has also started doing calligraphy on apparels, primarily of the poetry written by her husband, Mohit, who is as passionate about words as she is about colors.

Her goal is simple, to make free-hand painting and Jugniz synonyms i.e. if it’s free-hand painted, it’s probably Jugniz.



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