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Our romance with mangoes continues as we find something very exciting to do this weekend, with the King of Fruits of courseNo, we don’t just eat mangoes; we wear them, apply them and use them to decorate our homes. From the fragrance, to the flavour, and even the motif – mangoes are one of our favourite things this season.

And now, back by popular demand, A Hundred Hands’ annual mango festival brings to you a wide array of mango ‘things’ to check out. The non-profit organisation, spearheaded by Sonia and Mala Dhawan, has rounded up over 30 craftsmen and artistes from different parts of the country who have come together to celebrate handcrafted magic.

The basic agenda of A Hundred Hands is to enable craftsmen to earn a decent and sustainable living through the creation of unique and beautiful objects. “We act as a support organisation for these craftsmen, and we want to promote their exquisite handmade products,” explains Mala. “We are strictly commission free to cut out the middle man and encourage interaction between the buyers and the sellers; we want everyone to chat and learn from one another in order for this collective to grow and flourish.”

Everything that is being sold this weekend has been inspired by the shape, colours and taste of the mango. “We choose this theme to celebrate the mango season,” says Mala, “The King of Fruits has inspired creative works throughout the ages, from the Ambi, to Paisley, to the Toran, and we are continuing this legacy.”

This unusual collection of mango creations ranges from dazzling jewellery and home decor to juicy treats, mango balms and stunning fabrics. “Today many people assume that hand-crafted products are only suited to rural homes, but these beautiful designs are fabulous in an urban setting,” explains Mala. “This festival makes a big difference to the livelihoods of these artists, so everyone should come along to experience mango mania!”

Be at EKA, Jayanagar, 3rd Block, 11am to 8pm, on till June 29

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