Handmade Collective from Dec 3-7

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In The News Handmade Collective from Dec 3-7

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CUBBON ROAD: The fifth edition of the Annual Handmade Collective will be organised by A Hundred Hands from December 3 to 7 at St Andrews Church Grounds on Cubbon Road. This year’s theme is poetry, and the craftsmen participating in the event are working on a range inspired by their favourite poems or poets.

Textiles, crafts, murals, toys, jewellery, leather goodies, showpieces in glass, stone and wood, terracota ornaments, etc., will be on display.

In addition, a poetry reading and a talk on crafts and poetry by Amruta Dongray will also be held at 5.30 pm on December 3. On the evening of December 6, an open house will be organised, where anyone can read their original compositions (Let Poetry Be). A ‘Poet-Tree’ will be set up, where people can add their favourite poems. There will also be a Dirty Your Hands section for kids.

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