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About Imran Khatri

Seven generations of Imran Khatri’s family have been involved in the art of Bhandhini. Imran himself learnt the art from his brother Zubair.  They use both natural and chemical dyes in their work. Although they do create traditional Bandhini pieces, Imran is passionate about innovation and wanted to create a line of contemporary Bandhini pieces. In 2003, it was this passion that got him to introduce a manual resist-dyeing technique from Japan called Shibori into his Bhandhini.

Imran 1

He did not stop there. He continued to innovate and in 2010, he included Ajrakh into his Bandhini and Shibori combination. Both brothers run a very successful business called ZIA Bhandini, offering a range of products including sarees, dupattas, stoles and fabric.


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