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About Erful Beshra

Phool Sing Beshra and his two sons, Jugal Kiran Beshra and Erful Beshra have been contributing toward keeping this art alive and have held multiple workshops nationally. Tradition coupled with the intrinsic starkness and vitality of the art form is what makes Dhokra a coveted collector’s item in India and abroad for connoisseurs, scholars and laypersons alike.

Kondagaon (Bastar)is best known for its Dhokra metal castings, an important traditional craft. Brass is the metal used and is cast by the lost wax method to make exquisite products. This traditional craft of Kondagaon has been practiced by Gadhwa tribes for more than 4000 years. This craft has its roots in Mohenjo-daro civilisation. The main products which they are make are statues of Gods & Goddesses, animals, lamps and different lifestyle products. This craft is named Dhokra because earlier, is was practiced only by men considered old above the age of 35, who in the regional language (Halbi language) were referred to as Dokra.



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