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About Edem Srinath 

Edem Srinath is from a hereditary weavers’ community of Padmasali in the newly carved State of Telangana. He has been engaged in weaving since his childhood and has learned the intricacies in Ikat weaving from his parents and experts in the surrounding neighborhood. His passion for Handloom fabrics combined with an urge to take the art form to new heights had Srinath experimenting with Ikat leading to development and introduction of new shades in Ikat. His experiments have not only been successful but have also been recognised by designers who have started approaching him for his niche handloom fabric using natural dyes.


Through his experimentation and passion for Handloom, Srinath has now created employment opportunities for 100 weavers or more and with export orders coming in, he hopes to create more opportunities for his brethren. Srinath, also a National Award winner, is hoping to revive and revolutionise the handloom industry.


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