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About Jagat Ram Dewangan

Jagat Ram Dewangan was a wood craftsman and has learned the craft from his father. He started experimenting with the form and styling of dry gourds when he saw it being used by the tribals to carry water, salfi, mahua and madia painch.

Tribals used to decorate their tuma vessels with interesting carvings on it. Jagat Ram gave birth to a new craft form by making innovative and unique shapes of lamps, planters and even jewellery from it. Now the whole family is involved in the craft.

He has traveled to many cities like Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, Mumbai and Bangalore to showcase his work. He has been honored with state award by Chattisgarh Government in 2005, National Merit certificate in 2007 and Kalamani Award, Suraj Kund crafts mela in 2009.

Tuma products include lampshades, planters, wall hangings, utensils and masks. The recent jewellery range is a good example of innovation. Earlier the waste gourds were taken from the villagers, but now they grow it.

Generally jewellery is made from the waste part of it. Designs are made keeping transportation in mind, like small lampshades are put inside big lampshades and filled with the jewellery products. Final product is made in such a way, that it doesn’t rot for years.


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