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About DesiĀ 

Developing Ecologically Sustainable Industry (DESI) is a leading service organization and a sister institute of Charaka set up to provide marketing support to Charaka products during 2000.
It is a Bangalore based trust run by eminent personalities from fields of art, literature, design, marketing and other cultural fields. Desi works closely with rural groups and has integrated productivity linked bonus scheme for the handloom sector.


The products in naturally dyed handloom are, sarees, tops, bottoms, stoles, skirts, coat, kurta, shirts, pyjamas, waist coats, baniyan, children dresses, accessories quilts and many more utilitarian as well as decorative products.

There are multiple challenges that Desi faces. From trying to revive an age old traditional cottage art of handloom weaving with age old natural dyes to creating an eco friendly and sustainable industry. Also, the critical challenge of strengthening the handloom movement and empowering rural women with gainful employment. Desi also faces stiff competition from power loom and mill made synthetic products.


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