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About Dalavai Kullayappa

Dalavai Kullayappa comes from a family who has been specialising in this ancient art native to their region for the past 3 centuries.  They were specialists not only in making puppets but even conducting puppet shows. Even today, much effort is spent on continuing this highly skilled performance.


Being a UNESCO and a National Award Winner, Kullayappa plays a critical role in the revival of this dying craft. He was also conferred an honorary PhD from the University of Vietnam as a key contributor to the revival of leather puppetry.

Leather Puppets are made in a sustainable way using goat leather. Tools like knives and hand blades are used to cut the design on the skin. Natural colours are then used to dye the puppets.

Today, Kullayappa and his family have innovated their craft incorporating a utility range including Table Lamps, Wall Hangings, Tree Hangings, Partitions etc whilst still using the same craft and mythological characters from the Indian Epics.


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