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Corporate Outreach Programmes
  • Bridging the two worlds – for a deeper respect and understanding on both sides.
  • Bringing Traditional Arts to the Corporate world – where Corporate Employees can understand, learn about and use a traditional craft in their day to day lives.
  • Integrating the Corporate Brand with the craft is key to the success of this programme. This is one of the biggest differentiators that the Trust brings to the table and is used across HR Programmes/ Training Progammes/ Corporate Vision Cascading Initiatives/ Green Clubs and Family Days.

Some of our work

Mural. The Traditional Arts of India. Azim Premji Foundation.

  • An intensive programme creating 6 floors of Traditional Art along with award winning traditional artists, to reach out to urban consumers as well as Awareness of artisans and the evolution of their crafts to consumers through the use of urban sensibilities and customized programmes.
  • Concept and Design with various theme’s from values of APU was created by A Hundred Hands and executed by various award winning artisans- across Hase Chitra, Sanjhi, Phad and Gond Painting. Each mural was a centered around a theme unearthed from the core of the university.
  • Mural with underprivileged children from Drishya School in association with Shristi School of Design depicting the Flora and Fauna of Karnataka super imposed with the Special education programmes the Azim Premji Foundation is involved in through their Karnataka State Institute.

Tribal Art Outreach Programme . Neev Technologies.

  • Based on a brief given by the HR team to a) Cascade the Corporate Values down to all employees b) Encourage a Cross Functional Interaction, A Hundred Hands developed a tailor made solution involving Tribal Art.
  • Thus the employees were introduced to Traditional Indian Art and along side understood the values and together created murals that depicted various pillars of the Neev Brand for their new reception.

Block Printing and Women’s Day . Merlin Hawk Aerospace.

  • By the Women for the women -Merlin Hawk
  • A specialized programme developed by A Hundred Hands whereby the rural women taught the art of block printing by to the women of Merlin Hawk along with a free selling opportunity.It also includes a talk and awareness building program.
  • Alongside a workshop using creative thinking and expressive techniques was conducted using basic art and craft for the women of Merlin Hawk to converge and become one team.
  • This is a confidence building exercise for rural women and a support programme for urban women.
  • Corporate Outreach. Helping Artisans sell their work directly.

Earth Day – Outreach for Tribal ArtING Vysya Bank:

  • This was an all day session held to reach out to the general public on earth colors and earth painting.
  • It was a fun day out encouraging visitors to the mall to try their hand at a craft and help spread the message of Earth Day.

Corporate Gifting.

  • Reaching out to HNI Consumers/ company directors  to educate them about the dying arts of India.

Outreach Programmes at resorts. The Serai.

  • To Educate and Encourage Crafts among visitors,both Indian and Foreign guests held across The Serai Resorts.

 Green Club. The art of upcycling. Capital One.

  • A tailor made programme of workshops created for the Capital One employees based on creating recycled environmentally friendly products by the employees of the company.
  • It includes Eco-friendly shopping bags, block printing, gift bag making and recycling old bulbs.

Selling at Corporate events and programs.

  • (Free of cost if sponsored)- Opportunities are mailed out to members for them to choose as to whether they want to take the opportunities or not. These happen periodically in Bangalore and in other Metros.

Corporate Gifting for Company Specific Programmes and Festivals –

  • This is handled by AHH for members only. This includes the Development of an AHH range of Corporate Gifting for its members..

Volunteer programmes for Employees


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