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About Chitrika

Chitrika promotes self-managed and self-sustaining institutions of artisans, aiming to support livelihoods

of 10,000 artisan households directly and 100,000 artisans indirectly by 2020. Chitrika was started in

2005 with the core objective of working with the artisan rather than the art and it continues to believe the same.


Chitrika aims to support artisans in improving market realization, reducing drudgery and increasing

productivity, reducing risks by improving social security measures and developing self-sustaining

institutions aspects. Chitrika’s focus is to create self-sustaining institutions of the artisans for supporting

the marketing and production initiatives.

About the weaving

The handloom weavers from Srikakulam and East Godavari district of Andhra Pradesh delight in traditional weaving techniques like Jamdani and Kuppadam in festive colors and aesthetics of south.

East Godavari district in Andhra Pradesh is known for its cotton/silk products specifically ‘Jamdani in silk

and cotton’ famously known as Uppada. Traditional weaving techniques like Jamdani have their origins here and are done in finer counts and the motif appear as neat as print. Weavers mostly weave 80s count with a few skilled enough to weave 100s as well.

Srikakulam district is well known for its Khadi and traditional designs like Kupaddaam and Ballakammi.

In Kupaddaam technique, two weavers together weave at the same time to create contrast color temple

borders by alternating 2 different shuttles. Ballakammi is an extra weft technique to weave geometric

pattern in pallu/body of the saree/dress material. Weavers mostly weave here in 40s/60s.


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