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About Avani

AVANI is a voluntary organization working in the Kumaon region of Uttarakhand, located in the middle ranges of the Central Himalayan region.

RashmiBharti and Rajnish Jain founded AVANI in 1997 to create livelihood opportunities through development and dissemination of appropriate technologies, revival and promotion of traditional craft-based and farm-based activities.


Their vision since then has been the conservation of natural resources and the empowerment of women. To reach this objective AVANI revived traditional skills of natural dyeing, hand spinning and hand weaving to create livelihood for socially and economically disadvantaged families, particularly for single women headed households and those with physical disabilities. Fair wages are an integral part of their interventions.

AVANI works with the entire cycle of production that begins with the planting of the trees, sericulture, spinning, weaving and natural dyeing up to the finished product, using only clean energy for their products.

Today AVANI serves around 1000 artisans and farmers in over 100 villages in the Kumaon region and has developed four product lines, which are environmental friendly and 100 % natural:

  • Textiles (Woven / Knits)
  • Natural Dyes (Dye Powder, Extract, Pigment)
  • Art Supplies (Crayons, Watercolor)
  • Lifestyle Products (Soapnut, Kumkum)


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