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About Arati Bedekar 

Arati is a Bangalore based self-taught Encaustic Artist who has been working with this medium since early 2005.

Beginning with a starter kit she picked up when living in England, she has produced a collection of more than 600 pieces of Encaustic Art.
Arati has participated in many exhibitions and was also invited to take part in Mood Indigo at IIT Mumbai in 2009.

Adopting a modern form of this Greek painting technique, she is inspired by nature and landscapes and likes to experiment on different surfaces and materials.

Encaustic Art:

It is a technique of painting where an iron is used as a paint brush and wax becomes the colours. The art form dates back to ancient Greece, where beeswax was used to produce stunning effects. Colour was added to molten beeswax and resin that was then applied to a surface.

Once applied to the surface the paint doesn’t need to dry. Instead it needs to cool, which it does in minutes. Additional coats can be added immediately. An advantage with this art form is the appearance of a permanent finish. In fact, one could rework the pieces seven years later.


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