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About Aranya Earthcraft

Aranya Earthcraft, is the design house of artists Preeti Gupta and Dr Vivek Prasad. They draw their inspiration from nature which is clearly reflected in all their designs.
Using a refined version of Paper Mache, this duo have perfected the technique to combine strength and environmentally friendly ingredients. The basic raw material used is Paper Pulp and Resins from the Acacia Plant and Methi Seeds.

Aranya itself means jungle or a forest, which is a source of life and eternal energy. And a jungle is a complete ecosystem of life. Some of the designs are inspired by insects like ants, spiders and cocoon and others are from the plant world.

Interesting techniques using the direct imprint of plant part, like leaf, twigs, seed and petal are their signature.

In addition, their jewelry is also a combination of this technique embellished with a variety of seeds including those of Lotus, Acacia and others.


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