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About  ANU Life

ANU Life is a small enterprise of 12 women in a slum in East Bangalore. We buy used tetra pack cartons of milk/juice and turn them into useful products.

ANU Life is registered as a TRUST. Our Goal is to empower the underserved and vulnerable women, making them breadwinners of their families. The work of upcycling creates better environmental practices.


Used milk/juice cartons are bought from colleges and building complexes. The used cartons are washed, cleaned, dried and later are cut into strips and then woven into bags, pouches, and bins. They are then lined and stitched by a local tailor.

The Women make one large bag and one small bag each day. They work at ANU Life, and many work as house maids to augment their income. Women would be happy to work here all the eight hours but income through the enterprise is not enough to manage their large households.

ANU Life workplace is vibrant and a happy space. The group functions as an SHG (self-help group) and women’s children visit them once back home from school or play in the vicinity.

The volunteers at ANU Life have created the Mowgli fund for children’s education. The volunteers also hold regular English speaking classes and encourage women to participate in the Fairs and Bazaars to sell ANU Life Products.


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