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About Alankaara

Dried Flowers and Upcycled Products

Alankaara is a design studio/workshop/warehouse where magical things happen. They believe that in an age where everything and everyone is literally hurtling towards the future, there needs to be a pause. They are therefore involved in making products that make you pause, stop, and wait, appreciate, and feel reverential. By incorporating real objects from nature into various products ranging from jewellery to home accents. Alankaara sources its natural elements ethically. Most of the flowers, ferns and leaves are remnants from a florist or rejects in flower bazaars.

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Alankaara also gives back to the community by working with women and independent artisans thereby forming groups where women from all walks of life who wish to work come together and work. They have also recently started working with flower vendors who sell their wastage at what they deem to be a fair price to Alankaara.


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